Random Server Changelog

2021.5.6 (2021-5-6)
Update comments
  • Added (content): Two new images added to 'https://ftp.randomserver.xyz'.
  • Added (calibre): Four new PDFs: 'Introduction to Java Programming: Comprehensive Version', 'The C Programming Langua', 'Ethics for the Information Age', and 'Head First Design Patterns'.
  • Changed (cryptad): Updated Cryptad to version '4.5.0'.
  • Changed (cryptpad): Cryptad no longer allows user registration.
  • Changed (privatebin): Updated PrivateBin to version '1.3.5'.
  • Changed (policies): Updated the main policy page, the Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.
  • Changed (site wide): The website no longer use cookies for analytical/tracking purpouses. While I will not confirm this, cookies should also no longer be used in general. I need to do some testing to find out if any part of the site or services use cookies.
2021.3.28 (2021-3-28)
Update comments
  • Added (page): Moved Project Tracker from github to 'https://randomserver.xyz/project-tracker.html'. A link to this page has been added on the homepage of the website.
  • Added (content): Added logo pictures to 'https://ftp.randomserver.xyz'.
  • Added (fider): Added a new login method to 'https://feedback.randomserver.xyz'.
  • Fixed (fider): Restored deleted data for fider/'https://feedback.randomserver.xyz'.
2021.3.22 (2021-3-22)
Update comments
  • Added (status): Created a status page at 'https://status.randomserver.xyz'.
  • Added (dev): Created 'https://dev.randomserver.xyz'. It's purpose serves as an area where I can modify and make changes at any notice, for the purpose of testing.
  • Changed (style): Enabled dark mode for 'https://privatebin.randomserver.xyz/'.
  • Changed (links): All links pointing to an internal address are now relative links instead of absolute links.
  • Fixed (fider): Fixed 'https://feedback.randomserver.xyz', after having accidentally deleting all of the data. I'm hoping to recover the lost data at some point, but for now, 'https://feedback.randomserver.xyz' is now functional.
2021.3.3 (2021-3-3)
Update comments
  • Added (calibre): Created 'https://dev.randomserver.xyz'.
  • Changed (links): Links on the homepage have been categorized by Content and Services.
  • Changed (pdfs => calibre): All PDF's existing in 'https://randomserver.xyz/content/pdf-gallery', are now hosted viaat 'https://calibre.randomserver.xyz'.
  • Changed (sitemap): Removed sitemap links from the about page.
2021.2.15 (2021-2-15)
Update comments
  • Added (cryptpad): Created 'https://cryptpad.randomserver.xyz' (out of testing).
  • Added (sitemap): Added html sitemap page at 'https://randomserver.xyz/sitemap.html'.
  • Added (sitemap): Added an xml sitemap page at 'https://randomserver.xyz/sitemap.xml'.
  • Added (links): Added links to both the HTMl and XML sitemap pages on the about page under site links.
  • Changed (links): Replaced the "Site subdomains" on the about page with "Site Links". This drop down contains links to different areas of the website, that are not mentioned anywhere else on the website.
  • Changed (style): Modified the color of the portion of the background surrounding the webpage content, to be a lighter shade of black.
  • Changed (style): Modified the footer position value.
  • Changed (site wide): Modified the way the css files are organized and called by the html files.
  • Fixed (style): Fixed the footers that previously did not get changed (where the size of the text was reduced).
2021.2.11 (2021-2-11)
Update comments
  • Added (subdomain): Created 'https://feedback.randomserver.xyz' to replaced the old, already removed, feedback system.
  • Added (subdomain): Created 'https://cryptpad.randomserver.xyz' (currently testing).
  • Changed (policies): Updated Privacy Policy to explain that We do not sell any personal data of consumers who use our service.
  • Changed (policies): Website policy forms are now hosted on the randomserver.xyz.
  • Changed (style): Footer text to is now smaller.
2021.1.30 (2021-1-30)
Update comments
  • Added (links): Added a link to the new subdomain on website homepage.
  • Added (subdomain): Created https://privatebin.randomserver.xyz, which is a web app described to be a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.
2021.1.28 (2021-1-28)
Update comments
  • Added (links): Created a list of all the accessible subdomains for randomserver.xyz, on the about page.
  • Added (analytics): Matomo Analytics trackers have been set on pages they previously were not.
  • Added (subdomain): Created a new subdomain 'ftp.randomserver.xyz', where random files that don't really belong anywhere else, are placed.
  • Changed (links): Removed the Hardenize link from the about page.
2021.1.26 (2021-1-26)
Update comments
  • Changed (pdfs): Renamed the 'cyberbooks' page to 'pdf-gallery'.
  • Changed (pdfs): All of the PDFs in the 'pdf-gallery' now present an image of their front cover.
  • Changed (style): Updated the rest of the footers to reflect the changes made in version '2021.1.19'.
2021.1.20 (2021-1-20)
Update comments
  • Changed (policies): Updated Privacy Policy to include that we are currently hosting an instance of Matomo on Our servers, rather than hosting it on Matomo's servers.
2021.1.19 (2021-1-19)
Update comments
  • Added (subdomain): Replaced the sleekplan changelog with a new one at 'https://changelog.randomserver.xyz'.
  • Changed (policies): Updated Privacy Policy to include that the last byte of all IP Addresses that are collected via Matomo are excluded (e.g. 192.168.100.xxx). This reduces the accuracy of Geolocation data and increases the end user's privacy.
  • Changed (feedback): Removed feedback system provided by sleekplan.
2021.1.3 (2021-1-3)
Update comments
  • Changed (site wide): Completely revamped and re-organized the website.
x.x.x (N/A)
Update comments
  • All previous changes to the website could not be transferred to this changelog.